"In border regions cooperation overcomes the animosity among people, and their isolation from capital cities"

Cross border cooperation at local, national and regional level offers a tremendous opportunity for all involved parties to boost economic, cultural and social growth as well as improving living standards.  It offers the opportunity for institutional development to the involved organisations as well as increased awareness, positive and constructive thinking for all people from the involved regions.

Cross border cooperation offers a strengthening of democracy and development of administrative structures able to function at a local and regional level; the overcoming of prejudices and the animosity among people in border regions; the overcoming of national and peripheral position and isolation. It is the most effective way for beneficial collaboration and cooperation between involved parties.

For the Ecological Counseling Center in Cahul (Moldova), cross border cooperation is an important tool for institutional and professional development. It offers a significant enlargement of activity and involvement horizons and a very beneficial promotion at local and regional level.

Artur is director of the Ecological Counseling Center in Cahul, Moldova and has been involved in environmental, business and management projects relevant to his region and for European integration. Artur holds a diploma in Engineering of Forest Economy and Landscape.