Building Up a Library for Families

    The overall objective of the project was to improve family education as well as the information and cultural environment, and contribute to cross border social and economic development. One of the elements of the project was the renovation of the premises of two libraries – one in Marijampole (Lithuania) and one in Chernyakhovsk (Kaliningrad region, Russia). In both libraries functional spaces were created, such as a media library, a games corner, technology and meeting areas, and a photography club.

    They were equipped to suit the needs of their users. In addition, books, music, games and films on CDs and DVDs were purchased. To popularise information, understanding and cooperation, a website was created in three languages: Russian, Lithuanian and English. What is more, two art exhibitions, two mobile exhibitions and meetings of „Reading Families’ Club” were organised. Within the framework of the project, an educational programme was also developed for further use – a 96-hour course in Marijampole (10 meetings for 70 participants) and Chernyakhovsk (10 meetings for 60 participants). A publication titled „Library for family: challenges and opportunities” was prepared, and a joint international conference in Marijampole summarised the results of the libraries’ cooperation in the project „Cooperation in building up a library for family”.

    „(…) The local residents are very happy with the actions taken and the results of the project. The rates of our activity have risen significantly, which is the best confirmation of our success. The local residents especially appreciate the newly gained access to high quality library services. We gained invaluable experience while working on the project. Creating new and unusual services in libraries of Russia and Lithuania requires dynamism, initiative and creativity. We hope to continue our cooperation with our colleagues from Chernyakhovsk. Working on the project together contributed to building mutual trust, and our strong relationship will form a basis for further actions connected with the project, development of new strategies and applying them in the border area. The final results surprised us. We did expect our library to attract more visitors, but we had no idea the change would be so striking. A comparison of the library use in 2013 and 2015 shows a 37% growth in the registered users and 80% growth in the number of visitors. We are also very pleased with a 61% increase in the size of our book collection. Those changes show we are meeting the needs of local residents and developing a library for families. (…)”

    Alma Stockuviene, Project Coordinator

    Beneficiary: Marijampole Petras Kriauciunas Public Library (Lithuania)

    Partner: Chernyakhovsk municipal institution „Centralised Library System” (Russia)

    Project budget: € 257 881,64

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