Getting blind people out of their darkness

    The Chernivtsi Regional Organisation of Ukrainian Association of Blind People has 1000 members, of which about 100 people have higher and specialised secondary education, and 15 people are students. Suceava County, Romania, is home to around 2000 blind people and in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, another 1100 blind people are living.

    The implementation of the ENPI CBC project with EU support of about € 148,000 offered the visually impaired persons the opportunity to use specific capabilities of an adapted internet equipment that allows blind people to socialise, find jobs and get employed, make friends, take business decisions and have a successful life without borders and barriers.

    Initiated by the Chernivtsi Regional Organisation of Ukrainian Association of Blind People and implemented together with its partners, the Romanian Association of the Blind- Suceava Branch (Romania), the Moldova Blind Union (Chisinau, Republic of Moldova) and the Bukovinian Centre for Development and Reconstruction (Chernivtsi, Ukraine) the project’s goal was to reduce isolation of blind people in Chernivtsi region, Suceava County and Chisinau by creating the necessary technical base for facilitating communication, trainings, job search and cultural exchanges.

    The project partners from three countries have much in common: the same need to reduce the isolation of people with visual impairments, the same history and the present task for organisations of blind people. During the entire implementation period, the cooperation between project partners and their work together to facilitate the access of challenged people to communication tools, demonstrated that this mission can be better accomplished when relying on good partners, neighbours, and friends. Involvement of the blind people living across these borders in the same kind of activities, having them together in trainings and cultural exchanges showed cross border cooperation in action and its benefits.

    Therefore, this project can be considered as an efficient tool for increasing the access of blind people to communication tools, reducing their isolation, increasing hope that the world can be brighter and kinder for all people giving them equal opportunities for self-realisation.

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