The Karelia CBC Programme enhances cooperation between border Finnish and Russian regions with the support of the Russian Federation, Finland and the European Union. The programme complements the regional development programmes with its specific cross-border nature. At the same time, the programme contributes to the European level strategic and thematic objectives defined for cross-border cooperation.

The Karelia CBC Programme contributes to regional development with activities that have a clear cross-border dimension and cooperation nature. Activities shall benefit regions and stakeholders on both sides of the border.

The programme area is characterised by an aging and decreasing population. A fall in birth rate and extensive simultaneous retirement of the working-age population are the regions’ typical features on both sides of the border. The migration of the working age population to growth centres in search of work is also visible on both sides of the border. A high unemployment rate is a big regional challenge as well, especially on the Finnish side of the programme area together with unemployment among the young on both sides of the border. The overall programme objective is therefore to make the programme area attractive for people to work and live and for businesses to locate and operate.

The programme supports projects focusing on four themes:

  1. Business and SME development
  2. Promotion of local culture and preservation of historical heritage
  3. Environmental protection, climate change adaptation
  4. Promotion of border management and border security.

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Voices from the Programme
Elisa Korpelainen

Elisa Korpelainen, 28, from the Finnish company Arbonaut Ltd, is the manager of “Fire Brake" project

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