What environment for post-2020?

    How does cross-border cooperation foster the preservation of the environment? Which innovative solutions are brought in by the projects? And how are these projects paving the way for greener, low-carbon cross-border areas in the next programming period?

    These are the questions which will guide the discussion during the thematic workshop organised by TESIM in Brussels on 9 October: the event has been preceded by a thorough mapping work carried out by TESIM on all awarded projects, trying to determine how Member States and Partner Countries face the environmental challenge and which solutions are more commonly implemented in the cross-border areas at the external borders of the EU. As a result of this analysis, so far there are 126 awarded projects in the environmental sector, for a total budget of 173.16 MEUR. Over 600 organisations from 27 countries are working together in the field, implementing activities. This huge bunch of projects have been further clustered in six categories covering a wide range of subtopics going from waste to risk disaster management, from energy efficiency to protection of nature and biodiversity.

    If the thematic workshop will aim at taking stock of what ENI CBC programmes and projects are doing for the environment, it will also be the occasion to launch a common reflexion on a future “greener, low carbon Europe”, a Policy Objective for the next programming period. Moreover, the workshop is embedded in a wider capitalisation pathway for all ENI CBC community. Capitalisation is the process of capturing and transferring the experience/ knowledge created and accumulated in cooperation projects, to different users: the second part of the workshop will focus on how to make this approach operational, explaining also that it is possible to turn capitalisation results into stories for communication purposes.

    Finally, one of the sub-topics identified for the thematic clustering – citizens engagement for a greener planet – will be extensively addressed on 10 October in a Participatory Lab organised by TESIM within the European Week of Regions and Cities (7-10 October 2019).

    You are still in time!  Register for the Participatory Lab (until 27 September) @ Citizens for greener cross-border regions



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