Ukraine under attack: CBC responds to the emergency

    “Strengthening the support to Ukraine – has declared Elisa Ferreira, Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms – is a concrete expression of European and Cohesion policy solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

    The European Commission and the four cross-border cooperation programmes between EU Member States and Ukraine are multiplying efforts these days to increase their assistance to the country. They are urgently exploring legal and operational possibilities so that existing projects are used to channel immediate and mid-term support, assisting the Ukrainian population still in the country and the refugees fleeing to seek refuge in Europe.

    While the necessary changes to the regulatory background will take longer, the solidarity is already in action. Supplies are collected and shifted, training centers have become refugee shelters, calls for aid follow one another. The partnerships created on the ground by years of cross-border cooperation between the EU and Ukraine, are doing everything possible to mitigate the impact of the Russian aggression.

    Until 24 February, thousands of European and Ukrainian citizens were working together in social services and health emergency facilities, they were performing joint activities for the prevention of natural disasters, they were cultivating networks in the fields of culture, education, tourism, and customs cooperation. We are talking about more than 260 projects involving all sorts of beneficiaries.

    The human capital created throughout the years thanks to cross-border cooperation is very precious and should not go lost. And today it mobilises itself to bring help!

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