Browsing through one hundred projects

    It is about people working with other people. They are preserving old wooden villages, protecting biodiversity in forests, turning litter into employment opportunities. They are school students developing business initiatives or designing their own plans to make schools eco-friendly; they are scientists exploiting wine waste to produce health products or studying ice-conditions to upgrade living and travelling standards; they are doctors improving life quality of cancer patients or reducing the risk of infections in their hospitals; they are green farmers conquering stores thanks to information technology. It is the ENI CBC world at a glance. Just click here and it will be right in front of you.

    Today, 932 cross-border cooperation projects are ongoing, for a total implementation budget of 1,7 billion EUR.  This is the ENI CBC community, 3.502 organisations, European and non-European alike, bound together to stimulate economic growth, to deliver knowledge transfers, to fight common environmental challenges.

    This is now visible, just browse around this virtual exhibition and discover the many, different actions bringing a positive change to the populations of border regions.

    We have analysed this material, regrouping it in four sectors of intervention: Environment, Economic development, People-to-people cooperation, and Cross-border infrastructure. Inside each sector are the flagship projects divided by subcategories, offering pictures and links to maps, interviews, and articles.

    Each project is presented in a downloadable poster, bringing you to database, as well as to social media, programmes’ websites, TESIM stories. It is a world becoming alive from the Arctic to the Mediterranean, displaying the richness and variety of initiatives, the faces of the protagonists, the stories behind the people.

    This exhibition is just the first step and is by no means exhaustive: it will grow overtime, to bring you more stories, more faces. Stay connected.

    Because neighbours matter.

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