TESIM support update

    Building on the outcomes of its first year of implementation, TESIM will enhance during 2017 its double-fold support to ENI CBC programme bodies and potential applicants in eligible regions. In close cooperation with DG NEAR, it will also widen efforts in order to increase the visibility of the ENI CBC instrument. What is already on the agenda for the month of March? What can we already anticipate for the following months?

    Support to programme bodies

    Many key milestones await ENI CBC programmes this year, and new programme actors will initiate their work in the forthcoming months.

    In this context, our first networking event this year will take place in Warsaw on 8-9 March, and will count on the participation of the Audit Authorities of nearly all ENI CBC programmes. Four TESIM guidance papers on audit issues will be shared with the relevant stakeholders and made publicly available after the event. Further networking events will be organised during spring, including the annual meeting of the communication managers and a very special one devoted to the closure of ENPI CBC programmes 2007-2013. Dates for these events will be announced soon!

    These initiatives, aimed at promoting an exchange of practices among programmes, will be accompanied with a series of tailor-made advisory services for individual programmes and countries.

    Support to eligible applicants

    TESIM supports the Managing Authorities in the delivery of information and capacity building events to potential applicants and partners.

    Major efforts in March will focus on the organisation and delivery of events in the framework of the first call for proposals of the Black Sea Basin Programme. Up to 12 events, many of which at regional level, will take place in the five ENI CBC Partner Countries participating in this programme. Coordinated efforts from TESIM, the Managing Authority and the respective National Authorities will aim at ensuring the preparation of high quality proposals meeting the programme requirements and guaranteeing a balanced representation of countries, regions and types of eligible actors. Several EU Delegations have already confirmed their attendance as well.

    Enhanced visibility of ENI CBC

    All stakeholders have widely acknowledged the need for an increased visibility of the ENI CBC instrument, and many actions are being undertaken in this respect.

    In the run up to the annual meeting of ENI CBC communication managers, TESIM will coordinate the involvement of ENI CBC programmes in the European Cooperation Day campaign for 2017 and a proposal for a common ENI CBC activity will be submitted to all programmes during the month of March. Following the success last year, TESIM – in cooperation with DG NEAR and DG REGIO – will apply also this month to ensure again a representation of ENI CBC in the framework of the European Week of Cities and Regions. Regular e-bulletins, starting this month, mark yet an additional initiative to make ENI CBC more and better known by a broader audience.

    Keep yourself updated on TESIM activities here!
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