TESIM Support Update: September 2017

    We all agree that going back to work after summer holidays is not always easy, don’t we? September is traditionally one of the busiest months of the year for cross-border cooperation. And TESIM’s workplan for this month – and for autumn in general – is not an exception. But batteries are charged and spirits are high. This will be all much needed!

    Bringing programmes together

    We resume with the much-awaited financial network meeting that will take place in Budapest on 13-14 September. Discussions will primarily focus on issues relevant to the selection of projects, a process currently engaging most programmes. The assessment of project budgets and financial plans, the verification of the financial capacity of applicants and partners…key topics which are important not only now, but also in view of future calls in the forthcoming years. We are very pleased with the high interest raised by this event, which will be our last networking meeting of 2017.

    But this is not the last chance to bring together the ENI CBC family this year. Preparations for the annual conference are on-going, including a visit to Tallinn this month to get a glimpse of the venue and identify what can best contribute to make your stay unforgettable. Start taking your coats out of the wardrobe! Temperatures allowing, we will spend some time outdoors.

    Gathering and sharing knowledge

    With the package on closure of ENPI CBC finalised now, we have shifted our interest back again to ENI CBC matters. The meeting in Budapest represents a good intellectual stimulus for us. How does procurement in Ukraine work? What are the requirements on State aid in the agreements with Partner Countries? What can be done to avoid the weaknesses detected in the expenditure verification system during the previous period? What will be the precise role of Control Contact Points in each country? These are no small matters! We will address all these issues through a series of practical factsheets, and your own experience on these matters will certainly help us to enrich them.

    Capacity building endeavours

    Our commitment to increasing the opportunities for a quality participation of organisations from Partner Countries takes us this month on a unique journey to Murmansk, Arkhangelsk and Naryan-Mar, the easternmost region capital of the entire CBC community. We will also deliver capacity building workshops in Jordan and Ramallah, and preparations are also underway in Tunis.

    And if everything goes according to plan, finally this month our capacity building platform will be online. This will be a parallel tool to our website in which you will find our video tutorials and training materials; in English, French, Russian and Arabic. And more! Also materials in Armenian, Georgian, Moldovan, Turkish and Ukrainian will be stocked there. A true e-learning platform which we believe will serve not only the CBC community, but also practitioners working in other fields. At least that’s our wish.

    Spreading the word

    Space is running short and you are well acquainted with all the things we have planned in the framework of the EC Day campaign and beyond. We would like to use these last lines to thank the over 80 people who have already registered for our EWRC workshop! We will discuss how regions and cities can become agents for change through cross-border cooperation. If you are interested in joining, hurry up! Available seats will likely be gone soon.


    Images of holidays begin to slowly fade away. But let’s say it! Cross-border cooperation is a rewarding environment, one to which you always come back with pleasure. TESIM certainly does. 


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