TESIM support update: January 2018


    We welcome every New Year repeating once again the same refrain: “this will be a crucial year for CBC!” Well, let’s face it, it looks like 2018 will certainly deserve this appellative. Layer upon layer, programmes get more and more complex. They select projects from previous calls and they launch new ones. Contracting occurs and, without disruption, some projects are born and make their first moves. This will ignite queries about project implementation, for which programmes have now most of the answers. New actors will join the scene and what in most cases was only an abstract figure until little time ago, such as the Control Contact Point or the member of the Group of auditors, will soon have a name and a face and we will become familiar with them. And guess what? We will all have to gather our first ideas about the prospects for the future. “Post-2020? We have not even closed our first call!”. As said: 2018 will be undoubtedly a crucial year. And TESIM is there to assist where and when needed.

    Bringing programmes together and providing tailor-made services

    We will start the year with a cluster meeting of Northern programmes in Riga on 23-24 January. This is the first step in bringing a regional approach to events of the kind and we are eager to know how it will work! Fingers crossed. The list of forthcoming networking events is packed to say the least: on audit, on financial management, on monitoring and evaluation, on communication, on LIPs,… We will do our best to hold as many events as possible in the first half of 2018, but we are only human and some will happen in autumn. Indicative dates will be announced shortly so that you can plan your own calendar in case you are interested in attending one or the other.

    We have already mentioned the need to address implementation queries on project implementation. Not only the usual ones, such as public procurement, but also brand new ones, in particular State aid. How shall they be applied in CBC Partner Countries? Well, for these TESIM is working in the production of country-specific factsheets which will gradually see the light in the months to come. We will also contribute to the creation of a comprehensive set of materials related to expenditure verification. Beyond these, TESIM will likewise assist programmes in addressing communication activities, both at programme and project level.  As for the calendar of events, our indicative publication plan will be available soon.

    Of course, individual needs of programme bodies and national authorities will be covered upon request. TESIM experts have always a suitcase ready, just in case.

    Increasing capacities at project level

    Talking about suitcases, TESIM experts have just returned from Cairo, where the first capacity building event of the year has taken place. This puts an end to a wonderful trip made with the Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme. Thanks to the Region of Sardinia and to all the National Authorities of Mediterranean Partner Countries for the great collaboration! Next we will travel eastwards to support the first call of the Romania-Ukraine and Romania-Republic of Moldova Programmes.

    TESIM support in capacity building, both on project preparation and on project implementation, will be guaranteed throughout the year. As you know, this will not only happen when visiting the cooperation areas. No matter how willing they may be, TESIM experts cannot always be on the road like rock stars. This is why our online capacity building platform ( is fed regularly and most video tutorials on project preparation in English are now available. Tutorials in Russian are the next endeavour.

    Spreading the word and publicising results

    Now that the leaflets about ENI CBC funding opportunities have been issued in English and in national languages, we will take a step back and will shed some light on the results of ENPI CBC projects. For this we will on one hand extensively work on the update of the KEEP database and on the other will take the first steps in the process of capitalisation of ENPI CBC results. We know that this concept is not equally clear within our CBC family; our approach to it will be gradual, no rush.

    And yes, our social media channels and our website are being constantly updated so that the word about ENI CBC reaches always a bigger audience.

    Welcome in 2018!

    Do you want to keep yourself regularly updated with news on ENI CBC? Visit our website and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube! Visit also our online learning platform and the website of the KEEP database!

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