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    You hear around you people talking about HIT or SCO, and you don’t have a clue? You know vaguely what’s all about, but you would like to make sure you are on track? Here for you a new TESIM tool: a crash online course on some key features of programme implementation – but also on the transition from ENI CBC to Interreg NEXT – with a special focus on non-EU countries. All in a very simple language.

    It’s called PODIA, it’s an online, free of charge, easy-to-use platform to get quick knowledge about important issues, at the same time providing you with links to more elaborated documents in case you want to go deeper in the subject. Irrespective if you are a JMC member or a branch-office manager, a project staff, or a potential beneficiary, there might be times when you would like to quickly grasp new knowledge and get on board.  This online course is created as an easy-to-use tool to learn about key features of programme implementation, and it is mainly aimed at those who do not necessarily have the expertise or the time to dig into legal documents and their details.

    A few weeks ago, TESIM released its first course on PODIA: it is about the key features of Interreg NEXT, the neighbourhood external cross-border programme 2021-2027. The content of this class includes many chapters and highlights all the differences compared to the ongoing instrument, from programming to monitoring and evaluation, from eligibility of expenditure to governance and audit. The chapters come with a quiz to self-test your knowledge on Interreg, and here is the link to the platform: Interreg NEXT – What’s new? (

    In a few days, TESIM will release a second course, this time about SCO, the simplified cost options. No matter whether you are working at programme or project level, you might need or want to quickly learn and understand all the key information about this innovative way of reimbursing expenditures to alleviate projects’ administrative burden. 

    During the year, more PODIAs will be released, about HIT (Harmonised Implementation Tools), management verifications and closure of ENI CBC programmes and projects. If you are a beginner, it’s a good chance to get an overview of things, and if you are an intermediate practitioner, you might find the distilled knowledge and accompanying documents quite stimulating for you.

    Stay tuned and access your fast-learning courses!


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