Greener, safer and more social: zooming on cooperation in the east

    We continue our journey to the eastern borders, this time zooming in on three Interreg NEXT programmes grouped around Romania: Romania – Ukraine, Romania – the Republic of Moldova and Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine. The programmes are close not only geographically, but also in the choice of their strategic objectives and priorities for the new programming period. Discover them!

    Romania – Ukraine


    The cooperation with Ukraine continues despite the ongoing, unjustified Russian military aggression against the country. Hundreds of partnerships are waiting for EU funding to realize their cooperation ideas” – stresses Tanya Dimitrova, representative of the European Commission (DG REGIO).

    The Interreg VI-A NEXT Romania-Ukraine Programme will contribute to the recovery of Ukraine, preparing the ground for the digital and green transition, and providing investments for green infrastructure, education and health. In the new period, the Programme allocates €18,9 mln euro to contribute to Policy Objective (PO) 2 “A greener low-carbon Europe and its neighbourhood”. Investments will fund green and blue infrastructure, common strategies and tools to combat climate change and to prevent disaster risks, as well as to preserve nature biodiversity and to reduce pollution.

    Almost €27 mln are available for social development, prioritising PO 4 “A more social Europe and its neighbourhood”. This means that efforts will be directed to improve access to inclusive and quality services in education, ensuring equal access to healthcare and enhancing the role of culture and sustainable tourism. 

    For what concerns a safer and more secure Europe and its neighbourhood (Interreg Specific Objective ISO 2), the Programme will invest €2,4 mln into buildings, specific equipment, trainings and common policies to improve management at the Romanian-Ukrainian border.

    Consult the Programme website for more information:

    Romania – the Republic of Moldova


    The brain drain of young professionals from the Republic of Moldova and Romania’s border communities causes a significant imbalance in areas such as health, education and tourism” – stresses Daniela Surdeanu, Communication Officer of the Interreg VI-A NEXT Romania – Republic of Moldova Programme.

    Joint  economic, environmental and  social challenges  have laid the ground for the cooperation between Romania and the Republic of Moldova in the new programming period. Modern health equipment, advanced technologies for schools, investments into cultural heritage sites are envisaged under the priority Social Development across Borders pursuing PO4 (“A more social Europe and its neighbourhood”).

    The priority Green Communities (PO2)   will contribute to a better disaster management, protection of eco-systems and improving green infrastructure in urban areas.

    The Programme priority Cooperation across borders stands for two Interreg Specific Objectives: ISO1 “A better cooperation governance” and ISO2 “A safer and more secure Europe”. The actions planned under this priority will promote legal and administrative cooperation, cooperation between citizens, civil society actors and institutions, as well improvement of mobility and migration management at the borders.

    The EU allocation to the Programme amounts to €85,4 mln.

    For more information on the programme, consult the website:



    “The Programme’s slogan says “Partnership without borders”. Let’s make it real!” – A call to action to all partners was launched by Peter Kiss-Parciu, Deputy State Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary.

    Like the current ENI CBC programme, the Interreg VI-A NEXT Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine Programme aims at developing its cooperation area which is as large as a middle-size European country. The Programme is structured along the lines given by three Policy and one Interreg Specific Objectives: a greener (PO2) and more social (PO4) Europe and its neighbourhood, plus   ”A better cooperation governance for Europe and its neighbourhood” (ISO1).

    €29,7 mln euro will be used to promote climate change adaptation, disaster risk prevention, enhancing biodiversity and reducing pollution under the Programme’s priority “A resilient and green border region”.

    An equal funding of €29,7 mln will be used to support the Programme’s priority “A healthy and attractive border region”, which envisages investments in the health, culture and sustainable tourism sectors. The objective is also to  enhance social inclusion and social innovation.

    Moreover, €6,6 mln under the priority “A cooperating border region” will help to strengthen cooperation between citizens, civil society actors and institutions.

    Get to know the new programme:

    In our March edition we will move on to the South, taking a trip over the Mediterranean – the biggest cooperation area among the Interreg NEXT programmes which shares rich cultural and historical links as well as joint challenges. See you next time!




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