80 more new posters
    the cooperation keeps growing

    They don’t give up, regardless of the Russian aggression. In fact, quite the contrary. Projects keep rolling, activities across border regions have restarted wherever possible, partnerships are stronger than ever and practically never stopped engaging at least in the European side. All this reflects in the revamped virtual exhibition prepared by TESIM, which is now showing 80 new projects, bringing the total amount of displayed posters to 250.

    A reinforced cooperation in the Eastern and Southern Neighbourhood is now alive thanks to the ENI CBC exhibition. You discover wireless technology at work to preserve nature, to improve infrastructure, to protect species at risk. Waters are defended from contamination, while innovative solutions help to fight water shortages in farms and to improve crops; municipal wastes are turned into energy, and cross-border networks manage natural hazards, fight floods and confront earthquakes. And this is just for what concerns environment. When it comes to economic development, university efforts are pooled for climate-smart agriculture or automotive engineering, and entrepreneurs are supported to start their textile, aquaculture, or agriproduct company. And because neighbours grow up together, barriers are removed to access cultural heritage, and people with disabilities are guided towards the job market. ENI CBC projects experience new social policies to combat poverty and inequality, and to support children with special needs.

    This and a lot more is shown in the exhibition, displaying the many, different actions bringing a positive change to the populations of border regions.



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