3rd Workshop on system audit key requirements (KR7 to KR10)


10 May 2024

About Key Requirement checklists
Our colleagues at Interact, together with a dedicated working group that includes representatives of AAs, MAs and the EC, developed a set of harmonised system audit checklists (from key requirement 1 to 10) tailored to Interreg.
The checklists provide a framework for system audit work and to share some information and guidance related to this task. The checklist follows the structure of the Methodological note for the Assessment of Management and control systems and presents example questions that can be asked when performing the check of each assessment criterion.
The objective of the online workshop on system audit key requirements (KR7 to KR10), taking place on 10 May, is to discuss with the Interreg NEXT AA and GoA members the checklist templates. In particular, to exchange whether all the particular aspects related to Interreg NEXT are covered (or whether there are need for adaptations).
Participation for up to 4 persons per authority.
Registration deadline: 3 May (COB).

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