1st Workshop on system audit key requirements (KR1 to KR3)


12 April 2024

The KR checklists follows the approach to focus on legal requirements and the assessment criteria specifically recommended by the Commission in the methodological note for system assessment. The checklists are not mandatory and the proposed scope is in most cases limited to core aspects. Depending on the approach of the AA/auditor, different scopes are possible.

The objective of the workshop on system audit key requirements, held on 12 April, was to discuss with the Interreg NEXT AA and GoA members the checklist templates. In particular, to exchange whether all the particular aspects related to Interreg NEXT are covered. The agenda can be found here: TESIM_KeyRequirement_workshop_agenda_12_April_2024

In the link here, you will find the full list of key requirement checklist, developed by our colleagues at Interact together with a dedicated group of AAs and MAs.  For the purpose of this meeting, simplified excerpt related to KR1 – KR3 was used: Interreg system audit checklists_EXCERPT_KR1-KR3

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Registrations are closed for this event.

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